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General Information for Permanent laser hair removal and reduction by Soprano XL

People are always on the lookout for different methods of hair removal to eliminate the unwanted hair from their bodies. The markets today are flooded with different methods of hair removal and a wide range of hair removal creams and products. Hair removal creams smell awful and include harmful chemicals that can damage the skin. Hair depilation like shaving and trimming only removes surface hair. Waxing is amongst the most preferred methods for hair removal, but it is painful and does not provide permanent hair removal. Furthermore, the hair which grows back is a lot thicker than before. Electrolysis is another popular method of hair removal, but is quite a painful method and involves being pricked by several needles.

Amongst all these hair removal methods, the laserhair removal procedure has emerged as the most effective and popular procedure for hair removal. Laser hair removal procedure can eliminate body hair on almost all areas of the body. The procedure is effective when used on the face, neck, chest, underarms, back, stomach, hands and legs. Women often use laser hair removal procedure for underarms hair and to make their bikini line appear more attractive, smooth and hair free.

Laserhair removal using the Soprano XL technology provides completely painless and permanent hair removal. Most conventional treatments for permanent hair removal destroy hair follicles by making use of large energy bursts on the area of treatment, but the Soprano XL technology is unique as it delivers quick and low heat pulses. As a result, the pain is much lower and there is a lower risk of side effects.

The Soprano XL’s technology can treat any area on the body in a safe and gentle way. The procedure involves heating the hair follicles in the sub dermal layers of the skin by using short pulses of laser energy. In spite of the internal heating, patients do not feel any discomfort because of the additional cooling mechanism which cools the heated skin surface. This ensures that patient’s are comfortable throughout the hair removal procedure. Since the hair removal procedure does not involve any excessive dermal heating, there is no need for anesthesia, topical numbing agents or cooling agents.

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Permanent laser hair removal and reduction by Soprano XL
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