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Sorpano XL - laser hair removal


Soprano XL: pain free technology for hair removal

When it comes to hair removal, the Soprano XL is uniquely different on many counts. One, it is virtually pain free in truest sense of the word as there are just so many technologies out there that claim just that and yet are nowhere near those claims. Two, the innovative SHR in motion technology ensures that there are no skipped or missed spots as the tool is meant to glide over the skin in one smooth motion. Last but not the least, the Soprano XL ensures that there is pain free hair removal with full coverage irrespective of how difficult to reach, a particular hairy spot is. All this means that you can now have smooth and hairless backs, faces, arms and legs in the most discomfort free manner. The experience is so pain free that many patients have actually likened the hair removal experience with the soothing experience of a hot stone back massage.

More on The Soprano XL Technology and How it Works

In purely technical terms, the hair removal module of the Soprano XL uses a 810 nm diode laser with an added combination of the exclusive IN-Motion technology. This combination ensures that laser energy penetrates deep into the skin and a rapid 10 pulse per second repetition rate ensures that the dermis is effectively yet safely heated. The idea is to heat the dermis to such a temperature that the hair follicles are permanently damaged, prohibiting any further hair growth. In laymen terminology, the Soprano XL laser heats the skin surface and damaged the hair follicles embedded in it. This takes away their power to grow hair again, leading to permanent hair removal. Though the method sounds scary in the fact that it actually involves heating your skin in order to damage the hair follicles, the Soprano Xl’s SHR actually protects the dermis from any damage and ensures that the whole experience is pain free and safe. Not only has the Soprano XL proven that it is safe and does not involve any kind of skin damage, but it has also proven its efficacy on all skin types. In conclusion, the Soprano XL is a safe, fast and effective permanent hair removal technology solution.

Imagine the Freedom of No Embarrassing Facial and Body Hair

Wear what you want and when you want it without worrying about things like body hair because the Soprano XL’s revolutionary hair removal technology is here to help you.

Soprano XL’s permanent hair removal with laser hair removal treatment is offered in the best clinics for cosmetic improvements and private spas and medical facilities around the world. For those who wish to liberate themselves from their arduous daily commitments to their razors and plucking tools, this is indeed an ideal solution. You can kiss your expensive waxing appointments good bye as well, now that Soprano XL is here to stay. This comfortable and pain free hair removal laser treatment can be booked in advance and all you have o do is pitch up for your appointment. There is no downtime post the laser treatment and neither is there any lasting, lingering pain to deal with. The following are the main reasons for you to book a Soprano XL session right now:

  • The Soprano XL technology is almost pain and discomfort free
  • The SHR factor produces extremely effective hair removal results
  • Due to the fast hair removal sessions, the Soprano XL has the ability to treat numerous patients year round
  • As mentioned earlier, the Soprano XL can be used on all skin types, including tanned skin
  • It has the fastest skin area coverage rate in the industry due to a 10 Hz pulse repetition rate
  • With a larger, 12” color touch screen with interactive breakthrough software there is no training or assembly experience required to handle the Soprano XL
  • The technology requires no consumables no even an anesthetic


Soprano XL

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Soprano XL - Laser Hair Removal