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Breast Nipple Cosmetic Surgery is one of the most popular surgeries, and can cover a wide range of procedures. If you are not happy with the shape and size of your nipples and / or areolas, Nipple Cosmetic Correction can give you the nipples that you desire!* This procedure may be carried out for the enhancement, correction and / or reduction of the nipple, or of the areola, i.e. the pinkish area which surrounds the nipple. These treatments are suitable for men as well as women.

It is also commonly carried out to correct inverted nipples, also known as retracted nipples, which is a fairly common condition. This happens when the nipple ducts in the breast are a little shorter than usual. This causes the pulling inward, i.e. retraction, of the nipple. Although this is a perfectly harmless condition medically, it may be thought of as a problem for women who want to breast-feed. Some women also think of it as a visible imperfection, and therefore begin to feel self-conscious about their breasts.

Nipple reconstruction is also an appropriate procedure for women who have had a mastectomy (removal of a breast) due to breast cancer, causing the removal of the nipple and sometimes the entire areola also.
Also, some women want to change the shape or size of the nipples solely for cosmetic purposes.

Areola Correction may be carried out as part of a breast lift, when the nipples are repositioned to present a more “perky” effect. In this simple surgery, the nipple position is elevated by about 1.5 cm to 2 cm above the current level to improve its appearance and help the breast to look more pert.*
Also, some women are displeased with the appearance of the areola which may be enlarged due to various reasons such as genetic factors, breast feeding, weight gain, etc.
Areola Reduction surgery,or mastopexy. can be the answer to their prayers.*

There are two main types of Nipple Correction (Inverted & enlarged nipples). In some cases, the milk ducts are preserved. Here, the inverted nipples, along with the surrounding areola tissue, are surgically excised and are repositioned while they are still attached to the ducts. They are positioned so that they are properly projecting, and the areola is stitched in place with a circular scar which will be almost invisible. In more complicated cases, it may be necessary to detach the milk ducts. Here, the incision is made at the base of the nipple, and the shortened ducts are detached. The nipple is then repositioned as desired. The disadvantage of this method is that the nipple may lose sensitivity, and breast feeding will not be possible.
This simple surgery can do wonders to rejuvenate your shape and boost your self confidence and body image!*


Breast Nipple Cosmetic Surgery is a safe and simple procedure that can give a major boost to both your self-image and your self confidence. This procedure may be performed for purely cosmetic reasons, or it may be required in case of injury to the nipple in case of accidents or illness, e.g. following a mastectomy.
There are a number of different types of Nipple Correction Surgery, which may involve repositioning the nipple, Areola Correction or reduction, etc. One of the most common types is Nipple Correction Surgery (Inverted & Enlarged nipples) which is often carried out to reposition nipples which are retracted. This may cause a negative body image, although medically this condition is usually non-threatening. You may also be interested in Areola Reduction Surgery, which reduces the size of the areola (the darker area around the nipples) and brings it into proportion with the size of the breast.
Nipple Cosmetic Correction is also highly recommended in cases of mastectomy following breast cancer. It is held to be much better for the patient’s body image and self confidence if the breast is reconstructed by a skilled plastic surgeon, who can return it to its natural contours. The breast, along with the nipple and the areola, is carefully reconstructed to match the other breast
A very specialized area is that of Nipple piercing plastic surgery . Sometimes this is done for purely aesthetic purposes. But, you can sometimes opt for a nipple piercing to correct inverted nipples, in cases of mild inversion. In fact, often this may give you long- term correction of the inversion even after you have removed the nipple jewelry.

How It Works?

There are various cosmetic procedures involving the nipples and / or areola:-

Inverted nipple correction (the correction of inverted nipples).
Nipple reduction (the reducing of the size of enlarged nipples).
Nipple lift (elevating and repositioning sagging nipples).
Nipple reconstruction (the creation of a new nipple and / or areola following mastectomy)
Areolar reduction (reducing of the area of the darker pigmented skin around the nipples)
Nipple ring insertion (piercing the nipple to insert body jewelry)
Almost all these breast nipple surgeries are usually performed using only a local anaesthetic, in order to numb the tissues. You will also be given a sedative, so that even though you remain awake you will feel very little pain during the procedure. Some of the procedures can be performed as outpatient procedures also.
In cases where the milk ducts are to be preserved, the inverted nipples will be repositioned while they are still attached to the milk ducts. The entire area, including the nipple and the areola, will be elevated. However, a more common procedure is to detach the milk ducts, especially when they are shortened, so that the inversion is corrected.
In some cases where a more complex procedure is involved, you may require a general anaesthetic. This is usually required in cases of nipple reconstructionwhere a mastectomy has been performed.
Almost all patients report a high level of satisfaction after a breast nipple procedure, which will give a boost to your body image and enhance your self confidence.

Treatment Details

Your Breast Nipple Cosmetic Surgery will start with a consultation with a specialist, who will discuss your goals and expectations. You must always remember that cosmetic surgeries can alter your body, but they cannot cure dissatisfaction with your life. Your surgeon will explain the procedure to you and also certify that you are fit for the operation. In general, these procedures are short and simple, and if your general health is fairly good, there should not be any problem. In case you are going in for more extensive breast reconstruction which requires a general anaesthetic, your general physician should certify that you are in good health and are a suitable candidate.
Depending on the type of procedure selected by you, e.g. correction of inverted nipples, nipple piercing, areola correction, etc. your medical expert will carry out the procedure after taking your preferences into account.
For the correction of inverted nipples, the surgeon will excise the nipple and areola; often leaving the tissue attached to the milk ducts, and reposition them to correct the problem. Simple breast lifts are also carried out in this manner; the nipples will be repositioned about one and a half to two cm above their current level to present a pert effect and improve the appearance of the breast.
The entire procedure will usually not take more than an hour. A simple inverted nipple correction, or a piercing, can even be performed in your doctor’s office as an out-patient procedure.


It is perfectly normal to have a number of questions in your mind before you decide to go in for any surgical procedure. Here are the answers to many of the important questions about Breast Nipple Cosmetic Surgery that may be concerning you.
What Exactly Is Nipple Cosmetic Correction?
Nipple Cosmetic Correctionis the name given to a number of varying procedures, all of which involve the nipple and areola. They can range from a simple Nipple piercing plastic surgery or a mastopexy, i.e. Areola Reduction Surgery, to a more complex Nipple Reconstruction after mastectomy.
Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
As this is a safe and simple procedure, most people, men as well as women, are good candidates, if they are in moderately good health. However, you should not be pregnant or breastfeeding at the time of your surgery. It is also advisable to consider your decision carefully in case you plan to breast-feed later in life, as these procedures may result in an inability to breastfeed your baby in future.
What Does Cosmetic Nipple Correction Surgeryinvolve?
Nipple Correction Surgery involves surgical correction of a number of factors involving the nipple and the areola. According to the procedure that you have opted for, your surgeon may reduce the size of the nipple or the areola, reposition the nipple (usually while carrying out a breast lift) or correct inverted (retracted) nipples.
How long will the surgery last?
The surgery will normally take less than one hour, and you may be given either local or general anesthesia. You can generally return home on the same day. Simpler procedures such as a nipple piercing with a nipple ring insertion can even be done in your doctor’s office. A nipple and areola reconstruction may take up to two hours and you may need to stay longer.
Will the scars be visible later?
No, the scars will almost certainly not be visible, as the areola itself will camouflage any scars. For example, if you go in for Nipple Correction Surgery (Inverted & Enlarged nipples),your surgeon will often employ a “purse-string suture” which encircles the outer edge of the areola, and helps to tighten the areola contours at the same time. This will be invisible, as it is along the natural boundary of the areola.
Will this procedure be painful?
There will usually be a certain level of discomfort, but it can easily be managed with the help of the painkillers that your surgeon will prescribe for you.
Are there any risks involved in this surgery?
As may happen with any surgical operation, nipple and areola correctioncan sometimes cause infection or scarring. Taking good care of the area, and maintaining cleanliness after the surgery, can greatly reduce these risks. If the surgeon’s instructions are carefully followed, the chances of any complications are very low.
What after – effects should I expect?
After the procedure, you need to follow the surgeon’s instructions carefully.
Your doctor will prescribe any pain medication you require. You will naturally feel some discomfort for some time immediately after the surgery, which can be controlled with the pain killers. But if the pain is severe, or any pus or infection seems to be developing, call your doctor immediately.
You can have a shower two or three days after the procedure, but be sure to keep the dressing clean and dry.
The doctor may ask you to wear a surgical bra for a few weeks.
During the recovery period, your nipples will be bruised and swollen, and your breasts will feel extremely sensitive, especially during the first few days. However, you should be back to normal within two or three weeks.
How much will the Nipple Correction Surgery cost?
The cost will depend on the doctor and clinic that you visit, and also on the procedure that you require. Nipple Correction Surgery cost in Mumbai, too, will vary according to the expertise and reputation of your surgeon and the facilities offered by the clinic that you choose. Of course it is always better to go in for the best surgeon and clinic available to you, so that you wake up with the perfect results that you have always dreamed of!


A few simple precautions can help you ensure that your Breast Nipple Cosmetic Surgery is successful, and gives you the results that you are looking for.
Your surgeon will discuss your expectations from this procedure, and recommend the appropriate procedure for you, according to your needs. Remember that, although it will surely improve your appearance, no cosmetic procedure can change your life!
The risks related to Nipple Cosmetic Correction are very low. These procedures, with the exception of Nipple Reconstruction following a mastectomy, are usually very safe and simple and you can normally go home on the same day.

General Contraindications

You may not be a good candidate for these procedures if you are suffering from certain conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, especially in case general anesthesia is to be employed.
Please be sure to inform your surgeon if you have a family history of breast cancer, and also show him or her, the results of any mammography or breast cancer exam that you have undergone.
Your general physician will certify that you are healthy enough to undergo the operation.
Also, you should not be breast- feeding at the time of the procedure. Remember, also that sensitivity in the nipple and / or areola may be reduced, sometimes to a significant extent, after Nipple Correction Surgery.
As it may not be possible to breastfeed your baby after a nipple or areola correction procedure, you should avoid having Nipple Correction Surgery (Enlarged nipples) or Areola Reduction Surgery done if you are planning to breast feed in future.
If you have had healing problems with surgical treatments in the past, or if you are prone to keloids i.e. raised red scars); you should inform your surgeon, as you may be unhappy with the level of scarring that may result, and the scars on the breast may be very visible.

Pre Surgery Precautions:

Here are some steps that may be required prior to your surgery

  • Stop taking any blood thinning medicines such as aspirin, which may cause heavy bleeding.
  • Stop smoking, if you are a smoker, for some weeks before and after your operation.
  • You may be given oral antibiotics before the procedure, as a precaution.
  • On the morning of your surgery, you should take any essential medicines that you normally require, e.g. for blood pressure, with just a small sip of water.
  • Arrange for someone to stay with you, and to take you home, and care for you for the first few hours, or first day, after you are discharged.

Post Surgery Precautions:-

  • After your operation, the doctor will apply a topical antibiotic, and cover the site of the operation with a special dressing. The doctor will also prescribe a pain killer for you also.
  • You will be asked to come for a check-up after some time. Stitches may be removed at that time, or may be of the self-dissolving type.
  • You do not need complete bed rest, but please avoid any vigorous activity.
  • You should avoid stretching and bending for some time.
  • Your surgeon may require you to wear a surgical bra for some time.
  • You should avoid physical or sexual contact for a few weeks because your breasts will be extremely sensitive.
  • Call your surgeon right away in case of any signs of infection such as pus, bleeding or oozing from the area, or a sudden increase in the pain level.

Possible Complications of Nipple Cosmetic Correction

Nipple Cosmetic Correctionusually has very few side effects. It is a very safe and simple procedure when it is done by a knowledgeable surgeon with experience in this area.
Some of the common side effects may include:-

  • Swollen and discoloured nipples and / or areola, which usually returns to normal in a few days.
  • Redness of nipples, which should fade in a few days.
  • Inability to breast feed
  • Loss of sensitivity and sensation in nipples and / or areolas
  • As in all cases of surgery, there is a slight risk of infection, although this is unlikely if the surgeon’s directions are followed and proper care taken.


Nipple Correction Surgery cost can vary according to the expertise of the surgeon and the reputation of the clinic. Before you make any decision, please be sure to consult a reputed surgeon in your area.

  • Before doing any treatment please consult your doctor to confirm if the treatment is the right one for you

*Disclaimer: Laser, Radio Frequency, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients, Risks, Potential Complications and Permanent Scars are going to be an inevitable part of any Surgical Procedure. BEFORE & AFTER photos are NOT guarantees that your results will be the same or even similar: each individual patient’s results will be different. Patient-care ethics of excellence still cannot guarantee results or a lack of complications. Complications, risks and scarring are inherent with surgical procedures. Our Surgeons & Dermatologist are also devoted to helping patients have REALISTIC expectations about what surgery or procedure can — and cannot — accomplish.