Laser Treatment for psoriasis, stretch marks, eczema & vitiligo

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Jennifer Davidson:
My husband and I were quite disheartened when we found out that our son had developed vitiligo. We were willing to try any treatment, irrespective how costly it was. As a matter of fact, we did more
Jenna Peterson:
I always felt there was nothing that could be done about Vitiligo. I had read that laser treatment has proven very effective in treating Vitiligo, but was hesitant whether it would work for me more
General Information for Laser Treatment for psoriasis, stretch marks, eczema & vitiligo


Psoriasis is a skin disorder that results in dry and scaly skin. There are a few theories regarding this ailment. While some doctors believe heredity can be a cause for the ailment, others state that it is actually a mis-triggered immune system response that involves the production of skin cells at a much more rapid rate than the normal 21 to 28 day cycle. Skin production in psoriasis patients can be as high as a 2 to 6 day cycle and this is the reason for the scaly, flaky, excess skin appearance.

Psoriasis patients normally fall in the 11 to 45 years age bracket and it is a condition at affects about 3 percent of the global population. Though the disorder is not contagious at all, many patients have horror stories involving discrimination and social exclusion and this makes the ailments severe.


Vitiligo is a skin condition which leads to discoloration or white skin patches on the skin. Nearly 1 percent of the world population is known to suffer from vitiligo at some stage in their lives. People who suffer from other diseases such as hyperthyroidism are more at a risk of getting this skin disease. The cause of this skin disorder is the damage of pigment cells that restricts the production of melanin, which is a pigment inducing substance in the skin. Vitiligo is more commonly visible on areas of skin such as the face and neck, which are exposed to the sun. Laser treatments are known to effectively treat vitiligo problems.

Stretch Marks

As the name suggests, stretch marks are the marks that are left behind due to fast loosening of tightly stretched skin. Sudden weight loss or even post pregnancy can cause stretch marks. Stretchmarks on the stomach area and on the hips and thighs are quite common, both of which are due to the sudden weight loss. Treatment with the Harmony XL lasers can help reduce and even completely rid stretch marks.


Hypopigmentation is a skin condition in which there is a lack or loss of skin color. This condition is caused due to a decrease in the level of melanin, which is the substance responsible for the color or pigmentation of the skin. A reduction of melanocytes causes a reduction in amino acid, tyrosine, which is essential for the production of melanin and this consequently causes depigmentation of the skin.

Laser therapy uses high-power, spectral irradiance and UVA wavebands in order to target and treat skin diseases like psoriasis, leukoderma, vitiligo, seborrheic dermatitis, hypopigmented scarsand eczema.

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Laser Treatment for psoriasis, stretch marks, eczema & vitiligo
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