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There are many surgical procedures for tattoo removal, but laser treatment for tattoo removalhas proven to be the gold standard in tattoo removal. An increase in the demand for tattoos has also led to the demand for tattoo removal procedures. When it comes to removing tattoos, laser tattoo removal has significantly replaced most other procedures for tattoo removal. Today, laser technology is amongst the most commonly used procedures for tattoo removal because it is an effective non surgical procedure. The laser tattoo remover targets the tattoo with highly concentrated rays that penetrates the surface of the skin.

Laser tattoo removalinvolves targeting the inked area with pulses of laser energy at a specific wavelength. The ink in the tattoo is broken down into smaller sized fragments, which are later removed through the body’s immune system. Usually, it takes between 5-15 treatment sessions for the tattoo to actually fade out. Each treatment session requires 10-30 minutes.
The number of treatment sessions depends on the color, size and location of a tattoo. The treatment sessions are spread 6-8 weeks apart as this is the time required for the body to get rid of the destroyed ink fragments.

There are many lasers used in various aesthetic procedures including tattoo removal. The 3 main lasers used for tattoo removal are the Q-switched Ruby, Q-switched Alexandrite and the Q-switched Nd.YAG. These lasers differ in wavelengths, energy levels and pulse duration. Some lasers can also vary the wavelength and the spot size. It is very important to vary the wavelength and the duration of pulse since different color tattoo inks absorb light much better at certain wavelengths and lasers that use shorter pulses tend to be safe and more effective.

The effectiveness of laser tattoo removal depends on various factors such as skin tone, color of ink, pigments used and the capacity of the immune system to rid itself of broken ink fragments. Laser tattoo removal is not cheap. The cost per session depends on the color and size of a tattoo. Usually, it takes 3-10 sessions, but the number of treatment sessions needed depends on the depth of the tattoo, ink color and skin tone.

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Laser tattoo removal from Harmony, Find a Clinic Near You
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