Non Surgical Procedures

    • What are Non-Surgical cosmetic procedures?

    No. Unfortunately there are certain things that can only be achieved with surgical treatment. For example, a Non-Surgical Nose treatment can’t reduce the size of your nose. However, it can correct asymmetry, deviations and bumps, giving the nose a much-balanced look. This can actually make your nose look smaller.

    • Does the procedure offer permanent results?

    Most results from non-surgical procedures last anywhere between 6 months to 3 years. The benefit of temporary non-surgical procedures is that they can be adjusted according to the changes in ones face over time and clients always continue to maintain a natural look. The results from conventional, surgical cosmetic procedures usually last for 7 to 10 years. However, any undesirable results are difficult or even impossible to reverse and the flaws begin to stand out as the face begins to change overtime.

    • How long do the results last?

    The results are based upon the type of procedure you undergo. Usually, the results of non-surgical cosmetic treatments last from 6 months to around 3 years. Since the body changes overtime, these results can be altered in order to maintain a natural look.

    • What are Non-Surgical cosmetic procedures?

    Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are non-invasive treatments performed by trained doctors to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a person.

    • What are the benefits of non-surgical cosmetic procedures over conventional treatments?

    Surgical treatments carry the risks of infection, scarring, and other complications. Conventional cosmetic procedures usually involve a painful and long recovery time and include significant swelling, bruising as well as the need for pain medication. As compared to this, non-surgical procedures hold many advantages and they are as follows:

    1. Significantly less painful
    2. Safe, effective and affordable
    3. Can be performed in 30 minutes
    4. Short recovery time
    5. Minimal downtime
    6. Much more precise
    7. Don’t involve the risks associated with surgical procedures
    • What are the risks involved in non-surgical cosmetic treatments?

    Generally, Non-surgical procedures carry less severe risks and may include things like minor swelling, and bruising as compared to other surgical procedures

    • Will there be any scarring?

    None of the procedures are invasive in nature. That means that the treatment only affects the epidermis, top most layer of skin. The treatments do not cause scarring because they don’t penetrate layers beyond the epidermis. The dermis underneath the epidermis is not damaged, and therefore there is no chance of cuts and progressive scarring. As a matter of fact, treatments can actually help improve the appearance of any existing scars.

Accent Your Body procedure

    • What is Accent Your Body procedure like?

    In this treatment, the doctor will use the Accent system in order to precisely heat the tissues just under the inner layer of skin (dermis). Depending upon the size of the treatment area, the treatment might take up to 45 minutes to complete.
    Following every treatment, patients can resume routine activities right away. You might notice slight redness after treatment, which will disappear in less than a day. Usually, it does not need more than 3 to 5 treatment sessions, spaced at two weeks intervals.

    • Is the Accent Your Body procedure safe?

    ccent Your Body procedure is absolutely safe. Incorporating advanced safety precautions, the Accent laser directs RF energy precisely to the areas of skin that need to be treated. Thousands of patients worldwide have been safely and successfully treated with the Accent system.

    • Will it hurt?
    • While tolerance for pain is subjective, majority of people are able to tolerate the procedure well, and experience marginal or no discomfort whatsoever. Patients often describe the feeling to be similar to getting a warm massage. Also, the risk of any side effects is very low.

      • When will I see the results?

      The dual-layer RF treatment causes the deeper structures of skin to tighten right away and results are visible almost immediately. Over a period of time, new collagen starts to develop, further tightening the skin and offering even more natural, firmer and beautiful looking skin. While only 1 or 2 treatment sessions can produce fantastic results, the doctor might recommend follow-up procedures in order to maintain as well as improve the appearance of your skin.


    • Are all treatments provided by physicians?

    All of the injections will be administered by experienced and certified physicians. Some treatments will be performed by the physicians, while some will be performed by certified laser technicians.

  • Are the client appointments scheduled with physicians?

We have highly experienced physicians and staff performing our services. The appointments could be scheduled with any of the members from the medical team.

Initial Treatment

  • How do I prepare for the initial treatment?

Since preparations are different for every procedure, you will be provided the exact information regarding this during your scheduled appointment.

Initial Consultation

    • Will I need to undergo a sample or complete medical test first?

    We ask all our clients, existing and new, to complete a medical form stating any issues that need to be addressed or may affect the treatment. Sample or patch tests are only asked for some treatments. This is to make sure that you are safe while undergoing the procedure and your skin doesn’t react negatively.

    • What information do you require during the initial appointment?

    You would be asked to fill out a form, which includes your personal information, medical history as well as existing medications if any.

Duration of Consultation

    • How long does the consultation take?

    Consults usually take around 30 to 45 minutes depending upon the concerns and procedures discussed. Some customers only have one concern like getting rid of unwanted hair whilst others might want to discuss general skincare and all the treatment alternatives for ageing skin. While discussing general skincare, it is really helpful if we know exactly what skincare products you are presently using. It’s recommended that you note down these products or perhaps bring them along for us to see.

    • Are there any obligations with consults?

    No. There are absolutely no obligations with our consults. We strongly believe that it is important for our customers to be fully informed about all the treatment options and this must be without any obligation. We take pride in being honest with our customers about the best treatment alternatives for their problems, even if we don’t offer the services in our center.

Side Effects

    • What do I need to know about side effects from a treatment?

    During your appointment, all the aspects of the procedure would be explained, and we would discuss any probable sensitivity that you may have with regards to a particular treatment.


  • What can I do if am not happy with the results or have a complaint?

In an unlikely event that you are not happy with the results or have a complaint, we operate a post procedure follow-up service that addresses any complaints or issues that arise from the treatment.

Pixel Perfect treatment

    • Will the Pixel Perfect treatment work for my skin type?

    Pixel Perfect is a fractional laser resurfacing procedure that works on most skin types.

    • Who is considered a good candidate for Pixel Perfect treatment?

    If your skin is looking older and you’re experiencing aging skin problems, you are a good candidate for Pixel Perfect laser treatment. The best candidates are people who are in good health and have moderate sun damage. The best way to confirm whether you’re a good candidate for this non-surgical procedure is to come for a consultation session or perhaps send us your picture if you don’t happen to live locally. We would be more than happy to help you either in person or through e-mail anytime.

    • Is the Pixel Perfect treatment safe?

    Pixel Perfect resurfacing treatment is performed all around the world and continues to be a safe as well as effective method for skin rejuvenation. However, some skin conditions could interfere with any treatment, so consult the provider to be sure.

    • Does it hurt?

    The tolerance for pain varies from one person to another. The Erbium Pixel Perfect treatment might feel similar to sunburn whilst Radio Frequency and CO2 treatments might seem more intense. In any case, follow all post procedure instructions and remember that pain is normal and short-lived.

    • What if I want a touch-up later?

    Although Pixel Perfect skin resurfacing and other laser procedures from Alma Lasers give you great looking skin, nothing can stop time! Depending upon the starting point, you might require a touch-up treatment after 6 to 12 months. For best results, maintain a healthy lifestyle and make sure to take proper care of your skin.

    • How much will it cost?

    The cost for Pixel Perfect or any laser treatment can vary depending upon an individual’s skin condition as well as extent of treatment required.


    • Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

    Laser hair removal procedure is the most popular and widely used aesthetic treatment performed every year. Hair removal is amongst the most researched and well-known procedures in the aesthetic medical industry. It makes use of lasers for pain-free hair removal. It has safely and effectively provided permanent hair removal for thousands of patients around the world. Since the Pain-Free Hair-Free treatment uses IN-MOTION technology as well as low-heat settings, we provide a level of safety that is higher than any other laser hair removal treatment.

    • Does the treatment hurt?

    Most people find the Pain-Free Hair-Free procedure to be comfortable as compared to other lasers and hair removal options. It is amongst the few laser procedures that does not require a numbing cream before treatment.

    • Do I need to shave before laser hair removal?

    During your first appointment you will be asked to have at least 2 to 3 days of hair growth in the area of treatment, so that we can see the color as well as density of hair. Following your first appointment, you must shave prior to each appointment. This would help reduce the appointment time as well as achieve better results.

    • Is there any laser that gets rid of blonde hair?

    There is no laser that we know off to effectively remove blonde hair. You might see a temporary decrease in blonde hair, but as per our experience, this is not long-term.

    • Have you ever had someone stop the hair removal procedure due to the pain?

    We have never come across anyone who wanted to stop the procedure due to any pain or discomfort. We make the best effort to make all our treatments very comfortable, but there could be some level of discomfort involved and this experience can vary from one person to another. Laser hair removal procedure feels similar to the prick of a needle or snapping of a rubber band against the skin.
    Using gel packs before the procedure to cool the skin reduces the sensation experienced during the treatment. Patients can also buy a numbing cream for much sensitive areas like the bikini area and upper lip. You can apply the numbing cream half an hour prior to the appointment. The tolerance level of every individual is different, but for most people the experience of the treatment is pretty good.

    • How many treatment sessions will I require?

    Generally, 4-6 treatment sessions are sufficient to provide permanent reduction of hair. However, following the one-on-one consultation session, the provider might determine the number of sessions required, based upon the density of hair, as well as color of hair and skin. The provider will advise you on whether any more treatment sessions are needed. It is not unusual to need a touch-up procedure 2 years after completing the hair removal treatment.

    • Will my hair grow back again?

    Actively growing hair that is treated, ideally should not grow back again. Once the hair follicle is damaged, it is unable to grow hair anymore. However, hair follicles that are not in the active growth phase would need to be treated. It is also not unusual for customers to undergo a touch-up session 2 years after the initial treatment as a result of hormonal changes.

    • Why does it require 4 to 6 treatment sessions?

    The process of hair growth happens in four stages, early Anagen, the Anagen stage (active hair growth), Catagen and Telogen stage. Laser hair removal affects only the Anagen stage. Therefore, only 25 percent of hair is removed in each treatment. After 4-6 treatment sessions, the area of treatment will free of hair.

    • Do I need to take time off from work?

    No you don’t. The treatment does not involve any down time or require recovery time. After the procedure, you can return to work or resume routine activities right away.

    • How much will laser hair removal cost?

    Cost of treatment may vary by location as well as area of treatment. However, in comparison to a lifetime of waxing, this procedure will help you save a significant amount of money, which you would otherwise spend year after year. Consult the provider to confirm the exact cost of treatment in your area.

Customer Service

    • Is your clinic respectful and customer service-orientated?

    Clinics that are exclusively cosmetic are more client-focused, with better ambiance, better working hours, better telephone support, as well as include some pampering along with the treatments. We believe that the way in which the staff and environment makes the customer feel is very important.

    • Is your clinic client-goal focused and education oriented?

    We strongly believe in education as the fundamental component to precisely meet the needs and expectations of each and every client. Our initial consultation is 45 to 60 minutes long. They are comprehensive and give you all the treatment alternatives. Cosmetic procedures are big decisions for any client to make. We want you to have all your questions answered.

    • How can I contact you if it’s after hours?
    • Clients can leave a message on the answering system and we will promptly respond to you the next working day. We ensure to routinely contact all our patients the day after their treatment, in order to confirm their condition.

Equipment Used

    • Is this the most advanced equipment available?

    This is an extremely important point. Similar to home electronics, cosmetic equipments evolve every 3 to 4 years and even if the equipment is new to the doctor, it might still be old technology. During the consultation session, ask about the kind of equipment being used in the Clinic.
    At AMS, we have replaced and updated the lasers and microdermabrators we use, even though they are just 3 years old. Technology evolves very fast and there is always something new and better available in the market. We make sure to use only the newest and safest equipments in the market.


    • How do your fees compare?

    We all live in the world with bills to pay and only limited money to do it. It will be really foolish to ignore the question regarding prices. Prices do matter, but they aren’t the only factor you should consider. Experience and equipment really makes a big difference in the number of treatment sessions that would be needed. A bargain price for a single treatment is not a bargain if you end up requiring more treatments. Hence, always try to look at the bigger picture.


    • Is it possible to make special appointments outside usual business hours?

    Yes, this can be done by contacting our customer support to fix up an appointment.

    • How can I schedule an appointment?

    Customers can schedule appointments by calling us directly during working hours. Please ensure to call the clinic you attend or email so that you can fix up an appointment that is convenient for you.

    • Do you work in the evening?

    Every center has its own working hours. You can check for center timings in the location section on the website.

Treatment Duration

    • How long should I expect to be under treatment?

    Some of the quicker treatments offered at our skincare clinic takes just 30 minutes, while more complex procedures take up to one and a half hours. We attend to all of our clients at the exact allotted time, and in this way we ensure that there is no delay or long waiting time.
    We don’t waste time during an appointment so that you are able to undergo treatment during lunch hours. However, please remember to consider the travel time and also check with the expert about the appearance of your skin after the procedure. Also, please ensure to give yourself sufficient time before the appointment in order to complete the pre-medical treatment, intended to confirm your health.