Remove the fat

Remove the fat


A lot of men and women are usually worried with regards to becoming obese. However, People who would like to get rid of that excess body fat do not need to worry about sweating it out by way of exercising or perhaps engaging in heavy-duty workout routines. Technology in the field of aesthetic surgical procedures has now become extremely advanced as well as tremendously simple for any man or woman to undergo. Should you wish to do away with such type of troubles, a non-surgical fat removal procedure could be the next big solution in your aesthetic treatment procedures.
Due to the less active way of living as well as unhealthy food habits that a lot of people are accustomed to these days, weight reduction as well as the instant-slimming outcomes of liposuction procedures, appear as an attractive alternative. However, lipo could be a painful and also costly proposition, which involves surgical risks in addition to long recuperation periods following the surgical procedure. So, are there any alternatives? Certainly!

A relatively new advancement, non surgical liposuction treatment is a non-invasive procedure, that will help get rid of unwanted fat cells from various areas of the body. This procedure is based on reducing excess fat content by using a variety of techniques which get rid of the fat cells with the help of non-invasive ultrasonics, lasers as well as injection of specific chemical agents.

Non surgical liposuction treatment was initially developed in the 1980’s and then advancements in this particular domain have given rise to quite a few technologies which claim to deliver results by using non surgical liposuction procedures. However, all of these treatments are approved by the Food & Drug Administration. Having said that, short term as well as long term benefits of making use of these non surgical procedures is yet to be confirmed.

A lot of people do not know that non surgical liposuction does not refer to just one particular aesthetic procedure and also that there are actually a number of different types of non surgical liposuction treatments available for people to choose from. This wide variety signifies that an individual’s cosmetic surgery may be totally different from another individual’s surgery even though both go in for fat removal procedures.

Various Non Surgical Liposuction Treatments Available These Days:

Lipodissolve Therapy: Lipodissolve or perhaps injection lipolysis, involves using injections which contain enzymes, proteins (amino acids) as well as other drug combinations that collectively break down fat cells within the human body. This procedure continues to remain controversial, with the Food and Drug Administration not yet approving this procedure as it is still under trials and analysis. Considering that, medical associations have issued strong health cautions against injection lipolysis; it is advised to not decide on this particular treatment.

Topical Creams & Ointments: Topical creams are obtainable on prescription and could be used on the skin over the areas where you would like the excess fat to be reduced. The ointment or cream is absorbed by the skin and it functions by way of breaking down the walls of the fat cells and then dissolving the content. The dissolved fat is later flushed out through urine. Collegenase is an example of this.

Heat Therapy: This is a simple procedure in which a heating device is strapped around the areas which require contouring or shaping. The heat caused due to low frequency radio waves coming from the device causes the skin to contract and lessens swaging or wrinkles. However, this procedure cannot be used to eliminate significant amounts of fat.

Vibration Therapy: Quite similar to the non surgical liposuction treatment, vibration therapy functions by way of stimulating the cell walls, tightening as well as rejuvenating the collagen in order to become supple and properly shaped.

Laser treatments: Most up-to-date devices like Accent and Zerona give off laser beams of a tuned frequency that seep through the skin and then result in the fat cells breaking down, releasing their content into the spaces in between the cells, which is then passed through the blood and urine. Although this is a new non surgical procedure for liposuction and clinical studies are still in progress, laser liposuction procedures can be the defacto standard in the future for non surgical liposuction procedures.
Laser treatments for the purpose of fat removal requires very little turn around time. It does not involve any surgical procedures as such and there is virtually no pain or bleeding. It is considered to be very effective in achieving desired results. A number of these techniques do not demand any recuperation period in anyway. This non invasive procedure has no unwanted side effects or any kind of risks that are associated with the usual surgical procedures.

Some advantages of laser treatment for fat removal:

  • Laser treatment offers permanent removal of fat cells
  • This procedure provides overall enhancement in body shape
  • Laser treatment is virtually pain free and without side effects
  • The procedure results in minimal scarring
  • Laser treatment is an extremely safe as well as simple procedure
  • Laser treatment tightens the skin around the area of treatment
  • Laser treatment is less traumatic in comparison to other surgical procedures

Mesotherapy: This procedure has been an extremely popular method for non-surgical liposuction in Europe and South America for a long time. It is a procedure that offers patients the effects of conventional liposuction procedures but without the surgical treatment. Not only does mesotherapy prove beneficial in getting rid of excess fat, it can also lessen cellulite. This procedure involves using injections of small doses of certain medications, amino acids as well as other holistic ingredients in order to dissolve the fat cells. Following the procedure, the body starts absorbing the melted fat cells and then eliminates them as waste material. The needles utilized in mesotherapy are extremely tiny. As a result of this, the procedure is virtually painless.

Another experimental treatment, referred to as non-invasive body contouring, entails concentrated ultrasound waves, which target difficult to diet fat, which is located on the hips, stomach area as well as thighs. Non-invasive body contouring involves no incisions and each session lasts for about an hour. Patients can return to their daily routines almost immediately following a treatment session.

Remember the fact that fat removal is most effective only if you implement alterations in your lifestyle. Exercise on a regular basis and elimination of unhealthy foods, caffeine, alcoholic beverages as well as tobacco, is extremely necessary in order to avoid the re-appearance of cellulite.

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