Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis Treatment


Skin psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune ailment that develops on the skin. This condition comes about when the body’s immune system transmits defective signals that speed up the development cycle of skin cells. However, this ailment is not contagious.
There are 5 kinds of skin psoriasis. The most frequent type, plaque psoriasis, looks like elevated, red-colored patches coated with a silvery white-colored accumulation of dead skin cells. This skin condition may appear on any area of the body and it is connected with various other severe medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as depression.
Psoriasis impacts practically 2% of the population worldwide. Psoriasis can be described as a persistent, life-long disease and a lot of individuals need continuous treatments in addition to regular appointments with the health care professional. When it comes to serious cases, individuals might require to be hospitalized. Conventional treatment options vary from topical ointments or creams to oral medications that should be supervised for systemic side effects caused due to ultraviolet photo-therapy, which could be exceptionally time-consuming and also could have various other affiliated risks.
Psoriasis Treatment with the Harmony XL Laser System
This UVB hand piece located on the Harmony XL laser system offers psoriasis patients an alternative solution, a treatment that comprises of absolutely no prescription medications, lessens the number of essential sessions and requires just a few minutes. Alma Laser’s Harmony XL module is the most recent in laser technology to be utilized for eliminating all the long lasting ill effects of varied skin problems, such as psoriasis, leucoderma as well as dermatitis. This has proven to be very beneficial in eliminating unattractive stretch-marks, vitiligo as well as hypo pigmented scars which might turn out to be after effects of atopic dermatitis (eczema) and even seborrheic dermatitis.

This UVB hand piece which is situated on the Harmony XL laser system has the capacity to generate short pulses of 295 – 350 nm light, that have been shown to effectively treat leucoderma as well as vitiligo. Whilst nearly all Ultraviolet treatment procedures require treatment methods which reveal both the affected as well as healthy skin, the Alma’s UVB procedures just need a cure for the affected regions, which in turn reduces the chance of damage to the adjoining locations in addition to considerably cutting down on treatment time.

How the Treatment Works

This Harmony XL laser technology makes use of a high-powered Ultra-violet hand piece which uses spectral light rays that have high powers in UVA wavelengths to help cure specific regions which are affected by psoriasis, vitiligo, hypo pigmentation or even stretch-marks. Eczema or even atopic dermatitis and also seborrheic dermatitis scars can effortlessly be cured using the Harmony XL laser rays.
Among the main highlights of Harmony XL would be the fact that it treats skin infections in addition to getting rid of scars without having to use medications and causing any kind of damage to the healthy skin tissues. The procedure is extremely quick, and considerably faster in comparison to PUVA or UVB phototherapy treatment procedures.

The treatment method is generally quick and targets substantial areas of skin as the Harmony XL handpiece makes it feasible for usage over larger spot sizes of around 6.4 cm2, which in turn enables really fast treatments. Furthermore, the ergonomically design of the hand piece helps make the equipment quite easy to use.

Using Harmony XL’s laser treatment, there is absolutely no downtime or recovery time. This treatment is absolutely risk-free and delivers visible as well as tangible effects. For that matter, the Harmony XL skin treatment method is probably the most sophisticated light based technology for such types of skin treatments.

Since the UVB hand piece makes use of short pulses of light, the procedure is known to offer excellent effects with marginal side effects and barely any skin or tissue damage. In spite of exposure of healthy skin to the treatment procedure, there is minimum risk of damage or scarring to the healthy surrounding areas. This is because the light rays target and penetrate only the affected regions. As the treatment is highly targeted, it additionally lowers the treatment time.

Key Advantages for Physicians

  • A faster treatment as compared to both PUVA or UVB phototherapy
  • UVB hand piece makes use of high power, spectral irradiance inside the UVA and UVB wavebands
  • What are the key advantages of using Harmony XL treatment

  • An extremely fast treatment procedure
  • Just one treatment for a wide range of skin complications
  • Visible and tangible effects
  • A treatment which is effective even on chronic conditions
  • Absolutely no need for topical ointments or balms
  • No consumables
  • Significantly less number of treatment sessions needed
  • A completely non surgical and virtually pain free treatment
  • A treatment option which needs no downtime for recovery

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