Powerplate Exercises: An Effective Platform to Lose Weight

Powerplate Exercises: An Effective Platform to Lose Weight


What is Powerplate?
Power-Plate is a fitness machine that gives the muscles in the body a high-speed workout. It uses vibrations to stimulate the muscles to contract and relax. Generally, muscles contract once or twice a second, but by working out on the Power-Plate, the vibrations cause 30 to 50 reflex muscle contractions a second.
Power-Plate exercises are an excellent time-saver because of the effectiveness of the training and because several muscle groups get activated at the same time. It is claimed that 10 minutes of vibration exercise machine workouts on the Power-Plate has the same results as one hour of conventional strenuous training.
What Experts Say
Better Results in Less Time:There are a number of powerplate exercises that help you achieve a great workout in as little as 10 minutes. This includes squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, and so on.
Stand Correctly:To develop power, strength, muscle tone and definition, it’s important to adopt a position that exerts tension on the muscles. For instance, if you’re doing squats, have your knees bent and lean from the hips, like you are about to sit on a chair.
Begin Gradually:Increasing the frequency gradually is the best way to train. Beginners should start with 9 minutes of the resistance program, followed by 9 minutes of stretch, massage and relaxation, both on lower frequency as well as amplitude settings.
Keep the Knees Bent:Exercises for vibro plates stimulate the contraction of the muscle spindles. Hence, it is important to keep the knees slightly bent in order to prevent jarring through the joints.
Keep the Workout Short:Even though everyone is different, it is usually enough to start with no more than 30 to 60 seconds on each exercise. This lessens the duration of the workout, and is a real bonus for people who are short of time but crave results.
Combine Exercises:Try choosing a combination of compound exercises (e.g. push-ups and squats, which use more than 1 muscle group) and isolation exercises (front raises and biceps curls). You will achieve a better training response and an increase in potential calorie burn.
Drink Sufficient Water:With these exercises, the muscles will contract 30-50 times, very quickly; thereby generating lots of internal heat. Hence, even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink plenty of water while working out.
The Gear
You do need comfortable clothing to get the most out of the exercises. If you have already shelled out a lot of money for your own Power-Plate machine, don’t overlook the clothing part. Stretchy, loose-fitting gear is best. You will find an excellent selection of fitness clothing for men and women at brands like Nike and Adidas.

The Drawbacks
No Cardiovascular Benefits:You might achieve excellent results with tone and flexibility, but you will not see any significant improvements in the stamina of your lungs and heart.
Cost:The price range of Power-Plate machines is significantly higher than that of other fitness equipment. However, there are newer models that are slightly more accessible.
It is Cumbersome:This is not the sort of equipment you can hide easily and bring out every time you want to use it. You will need a dedicated space at home for these machines.
Not a Complete Solution:Even though the Power-Plate exercise platform is handy for people who want a quick workout, it is best when combined with other forms of exercise

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