Laser Body Contouring

Laser Body Contouring


Even though most people make the best possible efforts in order to remain healthy and fit, factors such as, age, genes, as well as circumstances like pregnancy could lead to unpleasant fat deposits that do not respond to exercise and dieting. Every year, an increasing number of men and women turn to liposuction procedures in order to help get rid of such fat pockets from the stomach area, hips, thighs, as well as arms, but quite a few men and women are reluctant to go through an invasive surgical treatment which involves discomfort as well as time to recover. However, as a consequence of technological improvements in the world of cosmetic surgery, men and women who are planning on liposuction treatment have a brand new alternative known as laser body contouring.
Laser body contouringThe Laser Lipo procedures such as, SmartLipo, Accent and Zerona provide you with results that are very similar to the ones that could be achieved with the help of conventional liposuction procedures with virtually no pain as well as recovery time which is involved in other conventional treatments.

The term body contouring has long been used in cosmetic surgery to refer to treatment procedures that are designed to improve the overall appearance of the body shape. Generally body contouring has been utilized in order to describe breast enhancement, tummy tuck abdominoplasty, thigh and buttock lift in addition to arm lift as well as other surgical treatments. However, the problem with conventional plastic surgery for body contouring for a lot of people is the scarring associated with the surgery, like in the case of tummy tuck procedures.

With the arrival as well as popularization of liposuction procedures, the term Liposculpture or body sculpting has been used in order to describe the use of liposuction procedures to improve body contour with the help of liposuction as an alternative to surgical treatments which needed skin removal.

A number of results achieved with the help of conventional liposuction procedures do not usually live up to the term “sculpting”, since conventional liposuction procedures often leave behind loose skin as well as skin irregularities. The effects achieved with the help of laser liposuction happen to be really refined as well as effective.

The revolutionary laser liposuction procedure and its body sculpting technology melts excess fat in addition to tightening up skin with significantly less damage as compared to conventional liposuction procedures. Body sculpting using traditional liposuction procedures often leaves loose skin as well as contour deformities or perhaps depressions in the area where the fat beneath the skin has been removed.

The new laser treatment for body sculpting and fat removal makes use of a small laser fiber, significantly smaller than the liposuction cannula, in order to melt fat as well as tighten the skin simultaneously. The end result is a lot more refined skin appearance and the skin is firm and smooth without any scars and contour deformities. These kinds of results were not possible with traditional liposuction procedures as well as abdominoplasty surgery. This proves that the term laser body sculpting is certainly appropriate.

Laser body contouring using this innovative technology can be performed on the neck area, waist, abdominal area, thighs, hips, buttocks, hands, as well as other body areas in which excess fat and or loose skin is bothering you.

Advantages of Laser Treatments for Body Contouring:
Making use of aesthetic laser treatments has a lot of advantages. It is definitely an effective tool not just with regard to cellulite removal but also for liposuction procedures as well as facial treatments. This procedure speeds up the dissolving of unwanted fat deposits in addition to treating wrinkles on the face as well as reducing blemishes.

Laser treatment revitalizes your skin and makes you look more youthful and attractive. Applying the right pressure and heat in the body part which has cellulite increases the circulation of blood and also effectively eliminates excess fat as well as toxic wastes.

Getting rid of cellulite with the help of laser treatment is quick as well as a really pain-free procedure. What’s more, it is free of unwanted side effects and requires virtually no recovery time. You are certain to experience a non-invasive treatment which no other cellulite treatments can offer.

However, laser treatment could cost you a lot of money. Cellulite cannot be treated by visiting the cosmetic surgeon just once. This particular medical procedure needs a certain number of treatment sessions depending upon how severe your condition is. A follow-up with the physician is important in order to maintain the youthful appearance.

Nevertheless, in case you would like to save time and you are not prepared to go through the difficult process, which other cellulite treatments offer, in that case laser treatment is certainly the most beneficial alternative for you. You need to be willing to spend some money since the costs are usually high. You might want to analyze the money aspect up against the benefits in order to help you have a good spend.

The applications as well as benefits of this remarkable new laser liposuction procedures as well as skin tightening technology are just beginning to gain recognition, and therefore the future guarantees new revolutionary advancements. Laser technology is actually revolutionizing cosmetic surgery procedures and the results offered by proven treatments such as SmartLipo, Accent as well as Zerona, are extremely fascinating. Based on the patient as well as their body contouring objectives, cosmetic surgeons might recommend that laser liposuction procedure should be combined with a conventional body contouring procedure such as liposuction or perhaps abdominoplasty for optimum results. Any individual who is thinking about laser or conventional body contouring treatments must seek advice from an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon who is able to recommend a procedure that is most suitable for them.

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