Hair Loss Treatment & the common Reasons

Hair Loss Treatment & the common Reasons


Tremendous strides have been made in the field of management of hair loss in men in the past few years. Following advent of drugs like 5 alpha reductase inhibitors, an effective treatment of hair loss has become possible for men. Also, evolution of hair restoration has made it possible for men suffering from baldness to fight the disease effectively. Today, men suffering from hair loss no longer have to worry about hiding the visible patches of baldness. It has become possible today to slow down or completely stop the hair loss and to replace the lost hair with the help of surgeries.
Hair Loss: Types
Congenital Atrichia: It is a condition that is present at birth in which the newborns suffer from hair fall that goes on for the lifetime. It is a purely hereditary condition. The disorder is very difficult to treat but can be managed with the help of cosmetics or natural options.
Scarring Alopecia: It is characterized by clean and smooth areas of baldness, with associated scaling and redness of parts. There may also be raised blisters and increased pigmentation in the affected part. This form of baldness can be found in men, women and in children also.
Alopecia Areata: This form of hair loss is seen in males as well as females. In this condition, the hair tends to grow back very slowly. The first crop of hair thus grown is usually white, delicate and thin. The shafts of hair fall out even before reaching full growth in this condition.
Several modes of treatment are available for treating different types of hair fall. These modes of treatment are described below:
Anti-cancer medicines for Anagen Effluvium:
Anagen Effluvium develops very rapidly in patients. However, it is interesting to note that the recovery from it is also very rapid. The hair follicles are frozen in this condition at the time of hair loss and the hair can start re-growing once the cause of the condition is treated. It is usually caused due to cancer.

Anti-androgens for Telogen Effluvium:
Telogen Effluvium: This is the commonest form of hair fall. This type of hair fall occurs due to change in the number of growing hair follicles. There can be shedding of hair if the number of growing hair follicles reduces drastically.
Using anti-androgens in these cases can help in preventing further hair loss and can stimulate re-growth of hair to some extent. Hair follicles that are viable but were dormant can be stimulated with these drugs for re-growth of hair. But, if the treatment with anti-androgen is stopped, the hair loss tends to reoccur. However, minerals and vitamins can act as anti-androgens and regular intake of these can help patients in keeping the androgen in check, thereby reducing the hair fall.
Hair loss is a problem that bothers men as well as women at all ages. Even people taking good care of hair can suffer from this condition. Hair loss can also cause embarrassment to patients, along with loss of self-confidence. Patients suffering from this disorder suffer from low self esteem. It can also lead to depression in some patients. Patients suffering from hair loss are usually looking for effective treatment for hair loss. Patients can expect best results for the treatment of hair fall, if the treatment is begun soon after the hair fall starts. If the treatment is delayed, it results in damage to many hair follicles. Treatment for hair fall should be aimed at removing the cause of it and at stimulating re-growth of hair. Unfortunately, most of the products available in the market are completely ineffective in treating this condition. The aim of this website is to help patients in finding right information for safe and effective treatment of hair loss.
It is also important to analyze all over the counter remedies for hair loss based on their prices, feedback from users, ingredients used, side effects and guarantees. Though most of these remedies do not provide effective treatment, there is still hope for patients for re-gaining hair growth. Drugs like Finasteride and Minoxidil can be very helpoful in taking care of hereditary hair loss. Patients can also have a look at surgical options such as hair transplantation for treating hair loss. The procedure involves grafting of hair follicles over bald patches and is the most preferred choice of patients for treatment of hair loss. Other modes of treatment for treating this condition include scalp flops and scalp reduction. It can give drastic cosmetic improvement to the patients. Patients can also consider using style techniques or a few hair loss products for treating this condition.

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