Depigmentation Treatment

Depigmentation Treatment


Pigmentation is defined as the coloring of the epidermis and if an individual is healthy, the individual’s skin will appear to be normal in colour. When it comes to an illness or perhaps injury, the individual’s skin might change color, turning out to be darker in some areas, referred to as hyperpigmentation also known as melasma, or lighter in color which is referred to as hypo pigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation can be brought on by an increasing amount of melanin, a substance in the human body which is accountable for skin colour as well as particular conditions, for instance pregnancy or perhaps Addison’s disease (minimized performance associated with the adrenal gland), could potentially cause an increased output of melanin and therefore hyperpigmentation. Direct exposure to the sun’s rays is definitely a serious cause for hyperpigmentation and will also darken already hyper pigmented regions.

Several drugs cause hyperpigmentation. These include antibiotics, anti-arrhythmics as well as anti-malarial medications.

Currently there are a number of reasons why a lot of women are at present being affected by melasma, such as hormone imbalances during pregnancy, menopause or even while one is taking the oral birth control pill. Long standing burns as well as acne scars are also able to lead to pigmentation as time passes; chronic ultra violet exposure in addition to family genes are some other factors which will enhance the formation of melanin.

However, it really is unwise to try and take care of this particular condition on your own. It is advisable to make it a point to seek advice from properly trained professionals who can provide you with the best suggestions as well as options that deal with your particular case.

The depigmentation treatment methods are extremely effective when it comes to the progression of dark patches along with brown skin blemishes.

The principal action of this particular depigmentation treatment will be the reduction as well as blending of melanin patches on your face (melasma and even chloasma). This simply signifies that the skin is producing an excessive amount of melanin and whenever this excess melanin comes to the surface, you may develop brownish patches on your skin which can be extremely resilient against lightening efforts.

Depigmentation treatment consists of an extremely versatile, dynamic course of action which can be effortlessly modified to suit the requirements of each and every affected individual.

Advantages of Depigmentation Treatment:

Depigmentation treatment comes with a number of key benefits as well as advantages in comparison to various other types of depigmentation products that are spotted in the market place:
Extremely effective in all forms of melasma as well as pigmentation issues
Fast as well as effortless depigmentation action
Works well with just about all skin types
Light peeling effect revitalizes and even restores luminosity of your skin
The treatment can begin at anytime and be utilized throughout the year
Extremely effective for acne patients
Absolutely no Hydroquinone
Virtually no TCA
Higher margin of safety
What Results can I expect from Depigmentation Treatment?

In most instances, the brown regions of the skin’s surface commence lightening extremely fast.

Seven days subsequent to commencing the Depigmentation treatment, you can notice a significant progress on the surface of the skin. After the Depigmentation treatment, the pigmented areas begin to gradually disappear. Even though the affected person will be able to find that particular area of discoloration that once was, the fact is that the skin discoloration definitely will have blended thoroughly, generally to the point wherein a casual onlooker definitely would not observe this skin discoloration. However, a number of affected individuals experience particularly extraordinary responses.

Depigmentation Treatment together with Cosmelan:

The Cosmelan formula functions by simply obstructing the melanin-producing enzyme, referred to as Tyrosinase. This eventually ends up in a decrease in the generation of melasma. With no Tyrosinase, the melanin molecules that are known to cause skin discoloration tend to get broken up well before they may even develop. This treatment is administered in 2 stages. The primary phase consists of the application of a facial mask by certain aesthetic specialists. This mask will gently peel away the upper layer of pigmented skin.
After around 8 to 12 hours, simply wash it off. A number of customers observe an instantaneous improvement when it comes to skin clarity; the moment the mask is removed. All through the second stage, the customer continues with the routine maintenance treatment in the house in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the aesthetic specialist.

Depigmentation Treatment in Combination with Lasers:

Based on the particular condition that needs to be taken care of, Sciton laser technology makes use of the effectiveness of pulsed light in order to deliver outstanding results when it comes to photo rejuvenation therapy. By just deciding on the appropriate wavelength as well as filter, the aesthetic specialist will be capable of treating an extensive array of skin conditions brought on by aging of the skin as well as exposure to the sun, for instance hyperpigmentation, rosacea, redness and also flushing, solar lentigines (freckles), brown spots, café au lait spots, birthmarks, red spots as well as port wine stains.

The light energy supplied via the laser will gradually heat the upper layers of the epidermis. This in turn will aid in stimulating your skin cells so that this procedure can generate brand new collagen. Additionally, this particular treatment is going to particularly target as well as get rid of a number of the fine vessels that can cause redness as well as the undesirable melanin, which is accountable for pigmented lesions on the surface of the skin.

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