Autologous- A treatment for dark circles under the eyes.


Autologous is a procedure in which an individual’s own body fat is used to plump up sunken or emaciated areas of the face as desired. This technique is also used in removing dark circles under the eyes and is a successful techniques. The word “autologous” means the use of one’s own tissues or fat.

Surgery for dark circles.

Autologous- Treatment for puffy eyes.

Fat transfer has the major advantage of allowing the surgeon to be more creative and artistic. One can sculpt the region with feathering into adjacent areas without leaving a disproportionate appearance.

Autologous- Treatment for dark circles

Results of autologous surgery

Autologous- fat transfer requires three steps:-

  1. Fat RemovalThe fat transfer procedure begins with liposuction to remove some excess fat from the donor , which could be the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, etc. In order to collect as many undamaged fat cells as possible, only very low suction liposuction is used. These fat cells are removed from the donor site with a small-gauge hypodermic needle or a special cannula that designed to limit damage to the fat cells.
  2. Isolating Fat Cells– Once an adequate amount of fat has been collected, it is spun at a very high speed in a centrifuge to separate the fat cells from the liquid that is also removed by the liposuction. The damaged fat cells are removed. Only whole, undamaged and cleansed fat cells are used for the fat transfer.
  3. Re-Injection of the Fat– The fat transfer procedure is completed by injecting the fat cells into the target areas on the face. At this point, the surgeon will have already identified the area for each fat injection with the intent to correct imperfections or create new contour. Using a separate hypodermic syringe the surgeon will inject the fats at the depth needed to achieve the desire fat transfer results.
Autologous- treatment for dark circle

Puffiness reduced by the autologous surgery

Recovery and Results of Autologous– Once your fat transfer is complete, you may have slight swelling or bruising from where the fat was removed. The swelling can be expected to go away in few days, and any discomfort you feel can be controlled with pain medications. As with all the medical procedures, one should follow all the postoperative instructions from the cosmetic surgeon.

A significant benefit of this treatment is that the results generally lasts much longer then the results of other dermal fillers.


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