Aqua Rejuvenation

Aqua Rejuvenation


AquaRejuvenation can be aptly called as a power wash, where active substances are made to penetrate the dermis through pressurized micro-jets, without the use of needles and surgical equipment. This ensures that there is no other damage to your skin, other than an effective removal of all the deal cells. After you are through with an AquaRejuvenation session, your skin feels more radiant, has no pigments and lesions and has an even skin tone. AquaRejuvenation treats dull, greasy and lifeless skin and makes it look more youthful and rejuvenated. You can restore damaged skin back to its initial beautifulness with AquaRejuvenation. AquaRejuvenation is perfect to restore your face and neck back to how they looked when you were just twenty!

AquaRejuvenation is a three pronged process which begins with what is called bio-peeling. Bio-peeling is nothing but the abrasion of the first few layers of the skin to remove dead cells and exfoliate it. This is done by projecting a fine powder onto the skin surface using a hand held unit. This bio-peeling process facilitates the micro-jet penetration of the next stage and regenerates the live cells of the epidermis.
The next step involves the penetration of high pressure micro-jets with pressure ranging anywhere between 15 and 20 bars. These jets are sterilized compounds of soluble active cosmetic substances such as plant extracts, Vitamin C and minerals that are good to reverse the ageing process.

The last stage is the application of certain skin care cosmetics that help to protect the sensitive skin that has come through the AquaRejuvenation treatment. To achieve the desired results one may need three to five sessions with ten to fifteen days between each session.
The main advantages of this skin treatment are that:
•·          Skin appears to be revived and radiant
•·          Skin appears well hydrated
•·          Complexion is evened out
•·          Fine lines are reduces
•·          Wrinkles lessen
•·          Pigmented spots fade away
•·          Acne scars are less visible
•·          Skin appears more firm
•·          Increase in elasticity of skin
•·          Facial contours get redefines
The best thing about this procedure is that it is absolutely painless and it involves no surgeries. It suits almost any skin type and can even be used on think, male skin. At AMS, we are inspired to provide you with all the details pertaining to the AquaRejuvenation treatment, its costs and its effects and side effects. We strive to ensure that our customers are equipped with all the knowledge regarding the Aquarejuvenation treatment and are hence able to make informed decisions. At AMS we strive to give our customers the best service coupled with the most competitive prices.

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