Accent Ultra – Fat Reducing Technology

Accent Ultra – Fat Reducing Technology


Accent Ultra- Alma Laser’s New Foray into the Body Reshaping Market
Accent Ultra uses ultrasound energy to treat and reduce cellulite and fat deposits in the body. The Accent Ultra technology uses radio frequency energy and lymphatic drainage to achieve a reshaping and tightening result in the treated area. The treatment is known to dramatically reduce body fat associated with flaccidity and thus reduces localized fat deposits. This helps in body contouring by reducing all the inches associated with these fat deposits. People often find this non-invasive ultrasound technology as safer alternative to invasive surgeries that claim to achieve the same results, as it is pain free, highly efficient and less likely to result in complications.

The number is sessions required to achieve the desired or targeted results depend on a number of individual parameters. The Accent Ultra treatment sessions are performed over 4 to 6 weekly sessions that last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. Accent Ultra is a boon for those who are looking to tone and sculpt their thighs, stomach, upper arms and buttocks.
The main uses of the Accent Ultra technology are:

  • Non invasive fat reduction
  • Non surgical cellulite reduction
  • Face lifts without surgeries
  • Tummy tightening and reduction in waist measurement
  • Facial, abdominal and butt toning and firming
  • Tightening of sagging arms
  • Post pregnancy tummy tightening
  • Body reshaping
  • Breast firming
  • Figure sculpting

The biggest advantage of Accent Ultra is that it reduces fat without any painful and complicated surgeries. We at AMS try to provide people with all the information regarding this skin and body tightening technology. At AMS we equip you with all the stats for Accent Ultra’s measurable and repeatable results. AMS will ensure that you get most competitive prices on the Accent Ultra technology and will ensure that you have all the information relating to the number of sessions you may require to achieve your results, the estimated costs of the entire procedure and the possible complications and side effects of the treatment. At AMS, we strive to ensure that everyone wishing to make use of the Accent Ultra technology, should leave impressed, not only with the treatment results but also with AMS’s approach and dedication.

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