Accent elite

Accent elite


Accent Elite is a new radio frequency treatment used to get rid of cellulite deposits, wrinkles and rhytids. This multipurpose, multi-application instrument is a one up model over the previous Alma Laser body rejuvenation treatment. The Accent Elite approximately halves the normal treatment time and gives good results even over extensive treatment surfaces. If you goal is to revive and rejuvenate your skin, or if your goal is just to slim down and lose the very visible fat deposits in localized areas, Accent Elite is the solution for you.

So what are the main advantages of choosing Accent Elite, you ask?

  • It has multiple modules that can be used in numerous applications
  • The technology is powerful and effective
  • Accent Elite is safe as well as equally effective on all skin types
  • Accent Elite has numerous FDA approvals
  • It does not make use of disposables and hence it is much safer to use.
  • Customization of treatment plans can take place.
  • Virtually pain free
  • Consistent and satisfactory results.
  • Accent Elite Uses

  • Skin toning and tightening
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Body contouring
  • Wrinkles removal
  • Collagen remodeling
  • Non surgical face lifts
  • Non surgical removal of fat and cellulite deposits
  • Post pregnancy tummy reduction

There are various other uses of Accent Elite, other than the ones mentioned above. At AMS we give our customers all the related information on the treatment in a complete manner. We also give the most competitive treatment rates in the market and try to impress our customers with the comfort and service we provide. Accent Elite is a very safe and less painful body rejuvenation treatment. Come and schedule an appointment with us at AMS and allow us to explain what the Accent Elite treatment entails.

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