What bothers a cystic acne sufferer more? Is it the emotional toll caused by the painful acne lesions, or the scars left in its wake that serve as a daily reminder of the days one would rather forget soon? It’s difficult to say… This type of acne, which is painfully tender while it lasts and can cause disfigurement by forming pus-filled bumps, causes pitted indents and scars in the skin that often persist for a lifetime.
Though dermatologic technology has soared with numerous treatment options, this indented scarring remains one of the most challenging and stubborn conditions to treat. But there’s one acne scar cure that can help people get rid of these lesions and that’s laser treatment.
Types of laser for acne
Basically, there are two types of lasers: the Repair and the Restore. The latter has been recently updated to the Restore Dual. Fraxel Repair laser for acne treatment is more aggressive and needs at least one week of downtime.
Fraxel Restore is a non-ablative laser, which means it causes no burning through the skin; but has the same accumulated impact of the ablative lasers. It works like the micro pixels of light, which penetrate through the pores and the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the collagen-making bundles in those layers. The therapy usually comprises of a series of 5 to 7 sessions spaced about 4 weeks apart.
Care to be taken before and after each session
A typical pre- and post-Fraxel protocol includes avoiding exfoliating skincare products like retinol for at least two weeks before and after each session.
After care experience varies among patients depending on the strength of the laser for acne scar removal received and their skin type. Though this treatment suits all skin types, some patients may develop swelling, redness and burning sensations after the sessions. These symptoms are usually relieved after applying an ice pack. Besides this, patients will be advised to apply a healing cream, twice a day, for two weeks. They should avoid sun exposure and practice appropriate sunscreen use.
What a patient can expect?
This therapy causes no wound on the top layer of the skin! So, patients can apply makeup immediately after the sessions and continue with their schedule. After session one, the skin starts to feel softer; but there may not be any change in the scarring. By the end of the 3rd session, there can be a remarkable improvement in the visibility of the scars. They start fading faster! Once through with the sixth session, the scars will be hardly visible for anyone to notice. You will be thrilled to pieces with the progress!
Finally, there is something that actually works! Fraxel laser helps rejuvenate the top layer of the skin, improves the texture and removes fine lines. It also helps in treating other skin problems like abnormal pigmentation, besides successfully managing cystic acne scars. This acne treatment can truly put an end to the sufferings of a cystic acne patient.

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