A lot of people set themselves ambitious goals to stay younger, lose weight and find a way to live longer. I too wanted to continue to enjoy the foods I usually ate and make as few changes in my lifestyle as possible, and was looking for some weight loss help. I came across the concept of ultrasound weight loss which seemed really interesting. I will definitely check it out. After speaking to some experts, I have spent the past few months trying a diet that challenges conventional opinions about how and when one should eat.
It is known as intermittent fasting, which reduces your food intake on certain specified days. Even though many people advocate fasting for weight loss, I have always been skeptical about its medical benefits; and have followed the standard advice which is, “never crash-diet and never skip a meal”.
People who skip meals tend to eat much more whenever they eat, and gobble up high-fat snacks when they get hungry. Although a crash diet is considered by many as the fastest weight loss method, what dieters lose is essentially water, with some muscle and fat thrown in. Whenever crash dieters stop dieting, as they invariably do, they start to pile on the pounds very fast. This is called yo-yo dieting and does no good. But, the 5:2 Diet seems to prove that this concept works!
I decided to start out with a few days of fasting. I started my fast on a Monday, after a slap-up dinner of steak. During that time I drank black coffee, black tea and lots of water, but didn’t eat any food until Friday. Before I started, I was sure that hunger would build day by day and get worse. However, what I found out was that, after the initial 24 hours, things actually got better. I did have hunger pangs which eventually passed.
On Saturday morning, I went in for a test again and found that I’d lost over 2lb of my body fat, and my IGF-1 levels and blood glucose which were on the higher side had fallen dramatically. So, I had actually improved my body chemistry and learnt that I was able to tolerate hunger much better than I’d thought.
With the 5:2 diet plan; you eat whatever you want for 5 days a week and then restrict yourself to just 600 calories per day, twice a week. There have been few trials so it is not certain whether it’s better to eat those 600 calories in a single meal or spread them across the day. I decided to try different approaches to find out what would work best for me. I tried to skip breakfast and lunch, then eat my 600 calories in one go at supper.
The trouble is that I hate starting my day hungry. Next I tried a large breakfast and nothing else, and got really irritable in the evenings. Finally, I split 300 calories for breakfast and 300 calories for supper. A typical breakfast meant 2 scrambled eggs with a slice of ham, well within the limits. In the evenings, I tucked into something like grilled fish and lots of veggies.
Six weeks after I started the 5:2 Diet, I went in for another medical checkup. The results were quite impressive and I lost well over a stone. My blood glucose, which was borderline diabetic, was normal, and my cholesterol which was previously high was also down in the healthy range.
Intermittent fasting is not something that doctors usually recommend because so far there is limited evidence of its efficacy in the long run. It does not suit everyone, and nor is it safe for everyone. In my case, it worked and I will continue to do it. At least I think I will.
If you’re not into the whole diet thing and want an effective weight loss alternative, try ultrasound treatment. I’ve heard ultrasound weight loss is a safe and effective option that is gaining popularity. I have been told the procedure is quite simple, but you can find out more about it at a weight loss clinic in your area.

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