Nobody would have imagined that tests done at NASA for growing plants in spaceships can become a major break through for beauty industry. Scientists at the space agency found that LED lights were useful for astronauts in recovering from injuries they get due to weightlessness apart from being of use in growing plants in outer space.
LED emits non thermal and very low level pulses of light energy for activating the skin cells. The light energy is converted into fuel by skin cells and thus stimulates production of lipids and proteins which are important for skin repair. Further research into benefits of LED light validated the fact that it speeds up healing, results in reduction of inflammation and increases production of collagen by about 200% in a span of twenty four hours after the treatment.
Since LED light provides energy that assists skin cells in healing at a faster rate as well as develop more collagen, it has also been figured out that it can repair minor damages. In several trials it was found that twenty minute sessions spread over a time period of twelve weeks resulted in smoothing effect in eight three percent of people who took part in the trial. It also resulted in better skin tone in about ninety one percent of the subjects. Trials have also shown that 81% of the volunteers saw visible improvement in crow’s feet condition.
Benefits of LED Therapy
To start with, it is a non-invasive treatment and there is no downtime associated with it. Additionally, right after the first treatment your skin will feel tighter and fresher because of higher oxygenation. You will observe firmness in inner skin as well as softening of wrinkles. Some of the other benefits of this treatment include:
Increased elastin & collagen production for as long as 180 days after the procedure.
Rejuvenation of the skin
Useful for blemished skin
Facts Behind Cell Regeneration
Normally skin cells heal as well reproduce by themselves through use of cellular energy called ATP and when any damage occurs to the skin, cell regeneration is done by ATP to heal the injury. However, there are several factors which decide how quickly skin heals such as your age and condition of your skin. LED light stimulates ATP production which in turn assists in faster cell renewal.
How Light Therapy Works?
Our skin as well as body tissues normally absorb light energy and use it for cellular regeneration. Rays emitted from an LED device do not contain other harmful rays such as the UV rays and makes them even more useful for skin rejuvenation.
The way these LED equipments work is by sending light rays through to fibroblast cells and these make Mitochondria produce more ATP, which can be as much as four times higher than normal. Increase in ATP results in increase cellular activity and higher production of elastin & collagen. Collagen in turn plumps up your skin thereby helping to fill up the wrinkles or fine lines while on the other hand, elastin starts to make the skin firmer to reduce sagging.
Types of Lights & Their Purpose
There are basically seven lights, each with its own frequency and is used for a different purpose:
Red light – Used for skin rejuvenation
Blue light – Used for acne
Purple light – Is combination of red & blue lights and provides benefits of both light types.
Yellow light – Helps to provide radiance to skin, energizes skin and strengthens skin immunity.
Green light – Calms the skin
Orange light – Detoxifies skin and helps skin metabolism.
Radium light – Helps to enhance skin tone.
Some Frequently Asked Questions
Is it safe: Yes, in several studies it has been confirmed that photo rejuvenation using light therapy is safe for every type of skin.
Number of treatments & maintenance: Normally you will require around eight to twelve treatment sessions which are to be spread at an interval of two to three days. Maintenance treatments are generally required at an interval of every six weeks.
How long results last: Results will last from six to twelve months and depending upon skin condition of any particular person it can be more or less.

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