Our skin, being a seamless organ is a valuable asset for any person. Scar tissues can be formed over skin as a result of trauma, surgery, burn or injuries and can make the skin look ugly.
Skin is like a treasured piece of silk. Even a smallest tear or mark over this piece makes it look ugly. We, as humans, experience many such tears and marks over our skin that can make a lot of difference to the way the skin looks. In turn, it also affects the overall appearance and personality of the person. Some of thesemarks are self inflicted while some are beyond our control. We can cope up with these marks or scars if they are small in size or are not over prominent visible parts of body like face. Some of the scars are easy to hide. But, the scars that cannot be hidden and are cosmetically disapproving, need to be treated in order to diminish their appearance or for completely removing them.
How are the Scars Formed?
Formation of scars is a natural process of body for healing. Several factors can affect the formation of scars. Size and depth of the injury and location of wound are the main deciding factors for the development of scars. Age of person, hereditary factors, sex and also ethnic origin of person can affect the response of body to the formation of scars.
Types of Scars:
There are several types of scars that are mentioned below:
Keloid scars: Keloid scars are formed as a result of aggressive process of healing. The scar formation in this case extends beyond the part that is injured. Keloid scars can also affect the movements of body especially if they are large and are located over joints. Treatment of keloid scars includes injections of steroids over the scars or surgical removal of them. Use of cryotherapy is beneficial for treating small sized keloids. Cryotherapy consists of freezing techniques by using liquid nitrogen. Prevention of formation of keloid can be done with the help of gel pads containing silicon or by pressure treatment after any injury. Keloids are more common in people with darker skin.
Contracture scars: These types of scars occur over burnt skin. There is tightening of skin in this that impairs the mobility of joints. These scars can also go deep and affect nerves and muscles.
Hypertrophic scars: These are raised, red colored scars that look very similar to keloid scars. However, these scars do not encroach over the normal skin tissue. Treatment of these scars can be done by local injections of corticosteroids for reducing inflammation at the site.
Acne scars: Patients suffering for severe acne are prone to developing acne scars. Acne scars can be of different types like deep scars, angular scars or wavelike scars. The treatment of acne scars depends upon the types of acne.
Treatment of scars can be done in several ways, which are mentioned below:
Prescription or non-prescription creams, gels and ointments: Scars caused by surgical incisions, trauma or injuries can be treated with these products. If the patient has undergone cosmetic surgery and the scarring has occurred as an effect of this procedure, then the cosmetic surgeon can advice about the suitability of these products. Use of local or systemic steroids along with anti-histaminic agents can be helpful in reducing the itching and sensitiveness of these scars.
If the scarring has occurred due to acne, your dermatologist can advice you about the proper treatment of acne that can help in reducing the scarring. Use of pressure techniques and sheetings of silicon gel can also help in treating acne scars. These techniques are useful as preventive measures as well, in patients suffering from acne.
Surgical methods: Many options are available for the treatment of deep scars and wounds. Selection of effective treatment for each patient depends upon the location and depth of scar. Excision of scars, dermabrasion, skin grafting and laser treatment are some of the modes of treatment that can be used for removing scars. In skin grafting, removal of skin is done from one part of the body that is grafted over the scarred skin. This procedure is performed in scars caused by burns. Surgical excision can help in treating scars that cause impairment of mobility and function. These procedures can be done under local anesthesia. However, use of general anesthesia or oral sedatives drugs can also be done in some cases. Patients suffering from scars due to plastic surgery, cosmetic procedure or after any other surgical procedure should wait for atleast a year before they make a decision to undergo any treatment for scars, as many such scars tend to disappear spontaneously over a period of time.
Injections: Protruding scars like hypertrophic scars or keloids can be treated with local injection of medications. Steroidal injections over the scar tissue can help in reducing the scars to a great extent. These injections can be used as an only therapy for patients or can be used in combination with other therapies. Some other types of injections like collagen injections or fillers are also used for pitted scars. But, they do not offer a permanent solution to the problem.

Accent Ultra- Alma Laser’s New Foray into the Body Reshaping Market
Accent Ultra uses ultrasound energy to treat and reduce cellulite and fat deposits in the body. The Accent Ultra technology uses radio frequency energy and lymphatic drainage to achieve a reshaping and tightening result in the treated area. The treatment is known to dramatically reduce body fat associated with flaccidity and thus reduces localized fat deposits. This helps in body contouring by reducing all the inches associated with these fat deposits. People often find this non-invasive ultrasound technology as safer alternative to invasive surgeries that claim to achieve the same results, as it is pain free, highly efficient and less likely to result in complications.

The number is sessions required to achieve the desired or targeted results depend on a number of individual parameters. The Accent Ultra treatment sessions are performed over 4 to 6 weekly sessions that last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. Accent Ultra is a boon for those who are looking to tone and sculpt their thighs, stomach, upper arms and buttocks.
The main uses of the Accent Ultra technology are:

  • Non invasive fat reduction
  • Non surgical cellulite reduction
  • Face lifts without surgeries
  • Tummy tightening and reduction in waist measurement
  • Facial, abdominal and butt toning and firming
  • Tightening of sagging arms
  • Post pregnancy tummy tightening
  • Body reshaping
  • Breast firming
  • Figure sculpting

The biggest advantage of Accent Ultra is that it reduces fat without any painful and complicated surgeries. We at AMS try to provide people with all the information regarding this skin and body tightening technology. At AMS we equip you with all the stats for Accent Ultra’s measurable and repeatable results. AMS will ensure that you get most competitive prices on the Accent Ultra technology and will ensure that you have all the information relating to the number of sessions you may require to achieve your results, the estimated costs of the entire procedure and the possible complications and side effects of the treatment. At AMS, we strive to ensure that everyone wishing to make use of the Accent Ultra technology, should leave impressed, not only with the treatment results but also with AMS’s approach and dedication.

Besides weight gain, hormonal changes or genetic factors that are brought on due to aging, most men and women get conscious of increased stomach fat. Stomach fat also increases post the onset of menopause. Compared to other parts of the body, gaining weight in the abdominal region is unhealthy. Too much stomach fat causes an individual to become more prone to certain types of cancers, diabetic issues and even heart related illnesses. Luckily, changed lifestyle, for instance regular exercise routines targeting the stomach region help individuals get rid of unwanted stomach fat.

Fat Accumulation on the Stomach:

Stomach fat is of two types: visible fat and invisible fat. Fat which can be touched and felt using the hands is the visible fat while visceral fat is the fat that is found deep inside the stomach. This is the invisible fat and a cause for concern too. Visceral fat surrounds the stomach organs. Diabetes, heart diseases as well as other health complications are caused due to visceral fat.

An elderly individual’s weight will increase faster as compared to a young person because a decreased rate of metabolism and reduced bodily exercise leads one’s weight to increase on the whole and the elderly are more prone to such a phenomenon. But, the accumulation of visceral fat is not directly affected by these factors. Genetics and bodily hormones are also potential causes for an individual to gain weight around the stomach area. The onset of menopause might also induce hormonal changes that change the way the body breaks down and stores fat.

The Midsection Area is Vital:

It is important to know that excess fat could lead to several complications, which have been mentioned below:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Breast cancer
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Gall bladder complications
  • Hypertension
  • Colorectal cancer

Visceral fat is found deep within the stomach. Hence, it becomes more challenging to aim at spot reduction. A healthy, balanced diet and frequent exercise routines will aid in lessening the deposition of visceral fat. Select abdominal workouts will help tighten the stomach muscles.

Regular and moderate exercises help get rid of fat around the belly. Stomach fat gradually begins to decrease when an individual sheds those extra pounds and tones his/her muscles. With regular exercise one begins to notice that the bulge found on his/her stomach starts lessening. However, the decrease in stomach fat depends on one’s existing levels of activity, his/her health targets the quantity as well as the kind of exercise regime adopted. When it comes to dealing with stomach fat, an individual must consult his/her health care professional about the appropriate exercise regime that should be adopted in order to boost good health.

When it comes to reducing abdominal fat, working out using weights has proven very effective. It is necessary to consult one’s health care professional pertaining to the inclusion of strength training into his/her daily fitness regimen.

Nowadays, most people are on the lookout for the newest skin improvement procedures in order to renew their natural beauty as well as for achieving spectacular and rejuvenated looks. The advanced technology of today provides a variety of revolutionary procedures for skin treatments, which can significantly improve the skin texture as well as enable you to achieve smooth, refreshing and healthy skin. The Laser Micro Peel treatment is amongst the newest and most effective anti-aging procedures which has the ability to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and provide a rejuvenated and vibrant appearance. This revolutionary laser technology is also referred to as a weekend skin peel since it treats a variety of skin disorders and offers you an improved and younger-looking appearance in only a couple of days.
What is Micro Laser Peel Procedure?

Micro peels are a vital part of taking good care of your skin. This particular procedureLaser-micro-peel precisely removes the outer layers of the epidermis along with fine facial lines, keratoses, scars, excessive amount of pigmentation, wrinkles and even skin that has been damaged as a result of excessive exposure to the sun. This Micro Laser Peel procedure can be as specific as the client likes (according to the client’s precise requirements and renewal objectives). The Micro Laser Peel procedure should strike a balance between Microdermabrasion and deep peels so as to deliver accurate and perfect treatment for various skin conditions associated with the aging process.

With the Micro Laser Peel procedure, skin care results can be achieved with ease. This particular Micro Laser Peel is the lightest form of virtually all chemical peels. These skin peels aid in making the skin a lot smoother and softer. Besides this, peels also enhance complexion, minimize the size of pores and even reduce skin discoloration. At times, it is also possible to improve wrinkles and fine lines.

Advantages for Various Skin Imperfections
This specific skin treatment method possesses the capacity to take care of many different skin related conditions. A few of them are stated here:

  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Discoloration
  • Irregular pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions)
  • Excessive sun damage
  • Crow’s feet as well as blotchiness

How does this latest treatment work?

Just like various other chemical peels, the Micro Laser Peel procedure is carried out by applying a chemical irritant to the skin’s surface. This treatment procedure is generally carried out at a doctor’s office or even beauty salon by an experienced specialist or perhaps nurse. This entire procedure takes approximately half an hour. Before commencing this procedure, the skin must be gently cleansed and subsequently covered using a glycolic acid solution.
The glycolic acid solution must be concentrated up to 20%-30%. You might experience a momentary burning as well as an itching sensation. In order to stimulate the surface of the skin, dry ice could be applied and after that moisturizing lotion or even cream. At a preset depth, the uppermost layer of the epidermis is removed with the help of the Laser resurfacing device. The skin becomes much softer as well as smoother with the elimination of dead or damaged skin layers. Not only does the texture of the skin improve, but the inner layers of skin become a lot softer and smoother too. The Micro Laser Peel not only removes dead layers of skin, but also gives you a healthier, younger and even more vibrant physical appearance. The texture of the skin as well as the skin color tone is also improved considerably.
Make-up can easily be applied once the micro peel procedure has been completed. You can also go back to your regular, day to day activities. There won’t be any surface evidence of the procedure having been carried out. However, individuals with a fairer complexion may have slightly reddish skin for just a day.

Results of Micro Peel Procedure

Along with every micro peel procedure, the dead surface cells would insensibly drop. The overall results can be noticed a fortnight after each micro peel procedure. To be able to achieve optimal results it requires around 6 micro peel sessions spaced between 2 weeks. Following this, the effects can be maintained using micro peels treatments every 1 – 3 months. For optimum results the micro peels procedure is used in conjunction with a skin care routine.

How long would the results of Micro Laser Peel Treatment last?

The effects of Micro Peel treatment can last from around six months to a year with follow-up treatments if required. The skin will become a lot more vibrant, smooth and healthy. Just 3 to 4 sessions can achieve optimum results however the doctor will decide if any follow-up sessions are needed.

The satisfaction from the procedure is outstanding due to the effectiveness, safety, as well as the affordability of micro peels treatment. However there are a few people who are not satisfied – people who did not sustain their results by means of keeping peels and people who expect a lot more.

How long is the recovery process following the procedure?

The process of recovery depends upon each individual case. However, generally, it takes about 2 to 4 days. Following the procedure, you will have to use ointments in order to protect the skin from exposure to air whilst the skin is growing new layers of epithelium.

Micro peels provide significant advantage as compared to skincare products themselves. A superficial peel not just improves skin tone, texture and overall appearance of the skin; it also reduces the evident size of the pores. A lot of people experience an improvement in superficial crepe paper wrinkles.

Regardless of realistic expectations, you will also find some disadvantages. The most typical disadvantages are that the skin fold wrinkles, skin tone and dynamic wrinkles cannot be enhanced with a micro peel. For people with thin, sensitive skin, it could be inflammation for a day or two after the micro peel treatment. In order to avoid it in the future, it is necessary to opt for appropriate concentration of solution for the next micro peels procedure.

Micro peels and superficial peels are extremely simple, safe, effective as well as not expensive; for this reason they have become significantly famous, according to the expert opinions. The advantages are great, whereas the risks are insignificant, and most importantly, the cost is affordable.